This website offers a unique way of looking at Leonardo's art - a way that has never been explored before. It provides a key that will give us access to the workings of his mind as he painted his masterpieces.

For Leonardo discovered a method which he used to create many of the images in his paintings.

On this website we shall reveal the lost method, and we shall analyze the influence it had on his art.

Leonardo described the method in his "Advice to Artists". It was not his intention to keep it a secret, but 500 years of being ignored by both artists and scholars have shrouded it in mystery.

The method gave Leonardo the ability to see, invisible to the "normal" eye, imaginary images within the objects of the world around him - images such as:

  • faces of great beauty
  • scenes of battle
  • landscapes and vistas

We shall examine images similar to those that Leonardo saw.

The method is simple but requires patience. It consists of studying the stains formed on walls from years of decay, mold, mud, and rain; and training the mind to see actual images within these stains.

To understand the method is to gain a revolutionary new way of looking at Leonardo's iconic paintings - at the faces of his religious paintings, the faces he sketched in his notes, the mystical landscapes in the background of his paintings, the battle scene in the Battle of Anghiari. The fascinating possibility is opened up that the images in his paintings are not copied from life - not faces of real people or landscapes copied from nature - but are images created solely out of Leonardo's imagination. In effect, as we look at them we are looking into the mind of Leonardo da Vinci.

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